1.1 Published

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1.2 Accepted for publication

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• VERSCHOOR T. The Mapping of Reitz (to be launched on 25 November 2014).

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1.3 Submitted for publication



2.1 Published

• HENNING JJ. The failure of partnership law reform in the United Kingdom. Chapter in Essays in Honour of Frans Malan (former judge of the Supreme Court of Appeal), (editors JT Pretorius and C Visser) ISBN 978 0 9098 12088 2. LexisNexis, Durban 2014.

• HENNING JJ. Corporate criminal responsibility in South African Law. Chapter in Research and Reference textbook on International Financial Crime (Editor BAK Rider). Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, Cambridge/London 2014.

2.2 Accepted for publication

• HORN MA. The development of the distinction between real and personal rights in South African case law: A critical perspective. In Property Law Perspectives III, Intersentia Publishers (Antwerp-Cambridge), 2014.

• SMITH B. Chapter (85 pages) in forthcoming book (The law of divorce and dissolution of life partnerships) to be published by JUTA in early 2015.

2.3 Submitted for publication

• MÜLLER-VAN DER WESTHUIZEN C and JANSEN R-M. Chapter 5 in Introduction to Legal Pluralism, 4th edition.


3.1 Published

• ALSEMGEEST L. Family communication about money: Why the Taboo? Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences. Vol. 5(16):506-516.

• FABER J. 2014. Section 2(3) of the Wills Act 7 of 1953: A retrospective and critical appraisal of some unresolved issues. Acta Juridica - a special edition of the Acta Juridica dedicated to the memory of the late former Chief Justice of the Republic of South Africa MM Corbett (Faber, Du Toit, Schoeman-Malan and Van der Linde).

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3.2 Accepted for publication

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3.3 Submitted for publication

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• DU PLESSIS G. Case note submitted to South African Journal on Human Rights – Mohammedi v SABC3.

• DU PLESSIS G. Article emanating from Conference proceedings submitted. Conference papers to be peer-reviewed and selected for a specific journal – journal still unknown.

• DU PLESSIS G. Article submitted to the Journal for Religious History, still awaiting feedback.

• DU PLESSIS G. Article submitted to the International Journal on Religious Freedom – waiting for feedback.

• KRUGER B. Towards a sharp prosecution sword to combat human trafficking: comparing the new South African counter-trafficking law with international prosecution standards. Submitted on 31 March 2014 to Crime, Law and Social Change Revised manuscript (addressing reviewers’ comments) submitted 8-9-14.

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• SNYMAN-VAN DEVENTER E and JACOBS L. Corporate Rescue: The South African Business Plan Examined (2014). (2) Nottingham Insolvency and Business Law e-Journal 6

5. CONFERENCE PAPERS (full particulars)

• DU PLESSIS G. 8-10 April 2014. Religious Freedom in Education and the Protection of Psychological integrity. Education and the Constitution at 20. Potchefstroom University.

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• SMIT D. The 'cost to company' of workplace bullying at the 8th International IBC Conference in Swakopmund, Namibia, 2014 (awaiting accreditation).

• SMIT D: Two more papers to be delivered in November 2014 at Mercantile Law conference.

• SMITH B. South African cohabitees and the right to inherit intestate. Paper presented at the Law conference of the Athens Institute for Education and Research, Athens, Greece, 14 July 2014.

• SNYMAN-VAN DEVENTER E. 2nd International Mercantile Law Conference, 5-7 Nov 2014. King III, the Companies Act, and Audit committees.

• SNYMAN-VAN DEVENTER E. Edulearn 14 Barcelona, Spain, 5 July 2014. Student engagement: More than bells and whistles.

• SNYMAN-VAN DEVENTER E. 11th Annual International Conference on Law, 14-17 July 2014, Athens, Greece. A South African legal perspective on gambling and dog racing.

• VISSER J-M. 2nd National Forensic Science Conference of the South African Police Service: Pretoria, South Africa, 10-11 February 2014. Plenary speaker: Challenging forensic evidence: A prediction of legal response to forensic scientific evidence in criminal proceedings in South Africa.

• VISSER J-M. Annual Conference of the International Association of Law and Forensic Science (IALFS): Dubai, United Arab Emirates 1-3 April 2014. Speaker: Predicting legal challenges of scientific evidence in adversarial criminal litigation in South Africa and other developing countries.

6 .POSTGRADUATE SUPERVISION (LLM dissertation, LLM research essay or LLD/PhD thesis and the number of candidates supervision were provided for)

• BOTHA R: LLM dissertation (1)

• CLAASSEN B: LLM dissertation (1); PhD (1)

• CONRADIE M: LLM dissertation (1); LLM research essay (5)

• HENNING JJ: LLM research essay (2); PhD (1); LLD (1)

• HORN M: MA (HES) (1)

• KRUGER B: LLM dissertation (1); LLM research essay (2); MA (Clinical Psychology) (2)

• OOSTHUIZEN H: LLM dissertation (4); LLM research essay (1); LLD (4)

• PRETORIUS JL: LLD (2); LLM dissertation (4); LLM research essay (2)

• SMIT D: LLM research essay (3); LLM dissertation (1); LLD (1)

• SMITH B: LLM research essay (1); LLD (2)

• STRAMPE A: LLM research essay (2)

• SWANEPOEL N: LLM dissertation (1); PhD (1)

• VAN ZYL R: LLM research essay (1)

• VERSCHOOR T: LLD thesis (1); DPhil (1); LLM dissertation (4)

7.POSTGRADUATE STUDIES (degree, title, and progress)

• CONRADIE M: Busy with research proposal for PhD

• DU PLESSIS G: Accepted to complete PhD at the University of Antwerp. Literature study almost complete. Will leave for Antwerp on 1 November.

• FABER J: LLD: 'n Kritiese ondersoek na die betekenis, uitvoering en beskerming van testateursbedoeling in die Suid-Afrikaanse erfreg.

• FOURIE L: registered for PhD: From enabled to disabled: A comparative legal analysis of the accessibility of employee’s with disabilities in the SA labour market.

• HORN M: LLD: ‘The enforceability of rights to sectional title property, with special reference to the 'subtraction from the dominium test’. Busy with chapter 3.

• JACOBS L: PhD: Die vertrouensverpligtinge van ondernemingsreddingspraktisyns in Suid-Afrika: ‘n Regsvergelykende studie. Registered in January 2014 and successfully defended the research proposal – July 2014. Finished 3 of the 5 chapters and intend to submit the thesis in 2015.

• MARAIS M: Completed LLD. Degree conferred in June.

• VAN ZYL R: PhD/LLD: ’n Ondersoek na die invloed van die stipulatio alteri op die regulering en funksionering van die inter vivos trust in die Suid-Afrikaanse reg vir die opstel van ‘n teoretiese raamwerk vir die effektiewe uitvoering daarvan. – Busy with research proposal.

• SMIT D: LLD attained and graduation completed, July 2014.

• VAN NIEKERK L: Obtained MA HES degree in June.

• VINTI C: PhD Proposal: Hydrocolonisation in the Lesotho Water Project. Submitted to University of Dundee.

8. WORK IN PROGRESS (research projects currently engaged in)

• CLAASSEN B: Busy with an article on the uncertainty that exists in South African law with regard to the concept of 'motor vehicle' as it appears in the Road Accident Fund Act 56 of 1996.

• DU PLESSIS G: Working on article on liberalism, to be submitted soon.

• FABER J: Article: Verlore testamente en die Hooggeregshof se kondonasiebevoegdheid.

• FICK GH: ‘n Vermoënsbedrag as surrogaat vir daadwerklike vervulling in die Suid-Afrikaanse kontraktereg: ‘n Herbeskouing van ISEP Engineering (tydskrifartikel).

• FICK GH: Lewende testamente, handelingsbevoegdheid en Sokrates se eed: ‘n Potpourri van belange (tydskrifartikel).

• FOURIE L: Article for international non-accredited journal.

• JACOBS L: Paper for 2nd International Mercantile law Conference: An inquiry into requirements for business rescues: Is more enough?

• JACOBS L: Accepted – Commonwealth Legal Education Association Conference, Glasgow, Scotland. A paper on student engagement with Dr M Moolman.

• JACOBS L: Journal Article for PER: ‘n Ondersoek na die vereistes vir ondernemingsredding: Is meer genoeg? (The article is finished and will be submitted for publication before the end of 2014.

1. Article for accredited journal: Tricked and trapped in human trafficking: is the protection of and assistance to trafficked victims provided in South African counter-trafficking law in line with international standards?
2. Article for accredited journal: Demistifying the use of Juju rituals to control and silence trafficked persons. Relatively new research field - research with Marcel vd Watt (UNISA – working on PhD in human trafficking).
3. Project Toka on human trafficking: A niche area on Combating Human Trafficking has been developed since 2006 by means of research consisting of conference papers, accedited articles ,and the finalisation of my LLD in 2011.

The Human Trafficking niche is expanding expertise on this topic in the following areas:
1. Teaching and learning (Human trafficking modules included in under- and postgraduate studies.
2. Community Service: (Training for multi-disciplinary stakeholders; advice to community, serving on national and international networks, e,g, FS coordinator of National Freedom Network).
3. Research: Project Toka focuses on research pertaining to the combating of human trafficking. The project aims at strengthening existing research expertise and expanding expertise by collaborating with multi-disciplinary, national, and international partners to combat human trafficking mainly by publishing articles in accredited journals. Project currently focusing on two articles mentioned above.

• MULLER-VAN DER WESTHUIZEN C: Working on an article about certain practical challenges in the supervision of small estates.

• OOSTHUIZEN H: (i) Die moontlike oorbeklemtoning van pasiëntregte in Suid Afrika. (ii) Die invloed van die Wet op Verbruikersbeskerming op die verskaffing van gesondheidsorg in Suid Afrika.

• SMIT D: Discrimination and labour law: working on four articles as well as with two students.

• STEYN H: Busy with article that I will submit to Litnet by end of November 2014.

• SWANEPOEL N: Article on structural interdicts.

• VAN ZYL R: Article 'Donatio mortis causa v Stipulatio alteri'. Potchefstroom: Electronic Law Journal.

• VERSCHOOR T: Co-author of article: 'Criminal responsibility of a person diagnosed with pseudologia fantastica'.

• VERSCHOOR T: Co-author of article: 'What happened to the defence of sane automatism in South Africa?'

• VINTI C: Summited proposal to Water Research Council on water licensing procedures.


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F: + 27 51 401 3043

E: law@ufs.ac.za

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