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Short CV

Denine Smit is a lecturer in the Department of Mercantile Law where she currently lectures several modules in both languages. Her focus is on Labour Law, wherein she attained her LLD degree.

After she had been admitted as an advocate in the Supreme Court, Bloemfontein, she practiced as an advocate with the then Attorney - General`s Office for many years. She entered private practice and served as one of the first females on the Executive Board at SAB. She redirects her focus from criminal law to the domain of civil law and especially labour law.She was employed as manager LabourNet in the Free State wherein after she practiced as an advocate specialising in Labour Law until her appointment as lecturer in February 2010.

Her involvement with the University of the Free State is noted during her  career and she provided training to many large organisations amidst others, Coca Cola, SAB and also lectured Mercantile Law part time at the UFS as well as at the CUT on both post -and pre- grade levels.

She attains the following qualifications: B Iuris, LLB, Postgraduate certificate in Labour Law( Cum Laude) and LLM ( With disctinction) at the UFS., LLD ( Labour Law) Several other diplomas and certificates were also attained. She lectures both postgraduate and undergraduates and specialises in Labour Law.


  •  2020. Joining the ‘Old Boys’ Club’: Equality for Women in the South African Judiciary and Other Male Dominated Workplaces (2020) 41 ILJ 48
  •  2019 Why extreme job stress needs more than legislation to be effectively managed. IBC Conference Proceedings, accredited. ISBN number 978-0-620-853-23-1
  • 2016. Why should we care? Bullying in the American and South African Workplace. The International Journal of Comparative Labour Law Bullying in and Industrial Relations. 32(2): 161-196.
  • 2016. The ‘cost to company’ associated with workplace bullying: A legal comparative study of traditional - and cyberbullying in employment. Proceedings of the 8TH International Business Conference, Swakopmund, Namibia: 95-109.
  • 2016. Ondernemingsredding en werknemers: verlore siele of nie? Journal for Juridical Sciences. 41(2): 123-141.
  • 2016. Labour Law, the Queen Bee Syndrome and Workplace Bullying: A Contribution to the Shattering of at least one Glass Ceiling for Female Employees. Industrial Law Journal (ILJ). 37 (April): 779-803.
  • 2016. Gender Re-Assignment and the world of work: A Comparative perspective on the intersection between Transgenderism, Transsexuality and Appearance Discrimination in the SA Employment Arena. Obiter. 37(2): 247-264.
  • 2016. A critical analysis of “Absolution from the instance” in the South African labour law with specific reference to the CCMA. Tydskrif vir Hedendaags Romeins-Hollandse Reg. 79(6): 85-103.
  • 2015. Virtual bullying in employment. Journal for Juridical Science. 39(1):60-74.
  • 2015. The phenomenon of weight based discrimination in employment. Journal for Juridical Science. 39(2):92-121.
  • 2015. Cyberbullying in South African and American Schools: A comparative study. South African Journal of Education. 35(2).
  • 2013. Die invloed van ‘n werkgewer se likwidasie en /of boedelsekwestrasie op die diensverhouding met die werknemer, met die oog op ondernemingsredding as moontlike alternatief. LitNet Akademies. 10: 83-107.
  • 2013. Depressie in die wêreld van werk. LitNet Akademies. 10(3). 25-52.
  • 2011. Sexual harassment in the Education sector. Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal. 14(6). 173-217.
  • 2011. “Kylie” and the jurisdiction of the CCMA. South African Mercantile Law Journal. 23: 476–487.


International article- double blind peer reviewed and accredited

  • 2016. Why should we care? Bullying in the American and South African Workplace. The International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations. 32(2): 161-196.


Non-accredited articles

  • 2016. Vicarious liability of the employer in sexual harassment cases, a comparative study. Journal Of Business. 1(1) available on:
  • 2016. Liability of the employer in sexual harassment cases, a comparative study. Journal of Business. available on


Books written and published

2017. Vulnerable employees. Claremont: Juta. ISBN: 9781485118923

Area(s) of Interest

Labour Law. Sexual harassment, violence at work, female empowerment, bullying at work, depression in the world of work.

Courses Presented

LLBR - Labour Law

PGDLL- Labour Law - postgraduate diploma in labour law

LLM  research and mini dissertations

PhD and LLD students





T: +27 51 401 2451
F: + 27 51 401 3043


Equitas Building
UFS Bloemfontein Campus

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