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Obtained the degrees B. Proc. (1996); LL.B. (2000); the LL.M. by thesis (2004) and the LL.D. (2014) at the Faculty of Law, University of the Free State (UFS). Completed a 6 month course in applied law at the Free State School for Legal Practice (1998). Underwent training as a candidate attorney at the law firm Honey Inc., Bloemfontein (1998-2000). Part-time lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Department of Constitutional Law & Philosophy of Law, UFS (2001-2003). Appointed as Lecturer in 2003; promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2004 and to Associate Professor in 2008. Promoted to Professor (Full) in 2018. Academic Head of the Department of Constitutional Law & Philosophy of Law, UFS (2008-2011 & 2014). Lectures Human Rights Law. Area of research focus: Religious rights and freedoms as well as the intersection between religion, the state and the law. Author of scholarly articles and book chapters, and also presented a number of papers both locally and internationally. Co-Editor: Journal for Juridical Science [JJS] (2006-2013); Editor-in-Chief: Journal for Juridical Science [JJS] (2013-2018); member of the editorial board of the African Yearbook on International Humanitarian Law [AYIHL] (2006-), as well as of the International Journal for Religious Freedom [IJRF] (2011-). Serves as an Adjunct Professor at the School of Law, University of Notre Dame Australia (Sydney) (2016 - ). Rated as an established researcher by the National Research Foundation (South Africa). Academic Head of the Department of Public Law, UFS (2019-).


Publications (Short List)

  - author

  - co-author

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Area(s) of Interest


Professor Shaun de Freitas specialises in human rights law, with specific focus on the right to freedom of religion as well as the intersection between the law, religion and the State. According to the South African Constitution, everyone has the right to freedom of religion, which more specifically entails the freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion. The Constitution also makes provision for the protection of religious communities in South Africa. Consequently, the maintenance and protection of such a right is of fundamental importance. The freedom to believe and the freedom to give expression to such a belief are inextricably connected to the believer’s experiences of self-worth. Unfortunately, this right is substantively violated and threatened across the globe, whether in societies where a religion dominates over other beliefs or in societies where religion mainly enjoys protection in the private sphere. The unfair and unjust limitations directed at the religious interests of individuals and groups of individuals not only violate the basic right of human dignity but also contradict the aspirations reflected in the South African Constitution (and the Constitutions of many other States) and expressed by the Constitutional Court pertaining to the progression of diversity. Against this background, Prof. De Freitas’ current focus is on challenges that have arisen in South Africa, more specifically pertaining to the right of medical practitioners to object conscientiously towards participating in certain medical procedures, the parameters of freedom related to religious associations and the inclusion of religious expression in public schools. These matters are also of relevance to many other parts of the world (including, ironically enough, those democratic societies that are popularly labelled as democratic).

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LHUM 2613 (Human Rights Law) (LL B module)



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