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We are very excited to welcome you HOME.

Deciding where to study can be a daunting task and the Student Recruitment Services want to welcome you with open arms to the University of the Free State. We are here to assist you with applications.

Our mission is to to be the bridge to academic excellence, targeting top achievers’ enrolment while ensuring simultaneously a seamless and effortless application experience. We are committed to demystifying the path to university entry, providing tailored assistance that upholds our dedication to academic distinction and student success.

Our vision is to cultivate a student-centred environment where potential meets opportunity, we guide socially engaged, globally knowledgeable students through a simplified supportive journey towards higher education To find out more about our inviting and dynamic team 
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The road to a bright future starts with a quality education at the University of the Free State


Undergraduate study

Discover the unique study opportunities that await when when you choose to study at the UFS, including the programmes and how to apply.

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Postgraduate study

The UFS has cultivated some of the brightest minds in South Africa, with world-renown researchers and lecturers. Find out more about our postgraduate programmes and how it will benefit you.

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Prospective Students
Applications are now open

Know what to study? 7 EASY steps to become future-focused. 

Apply today. 

Your free application can open the door to your future-focused career.  


Visit our 3 Campuses

Kovsies offers world-class facilities to our students.

Bloemfontein Campus

Qwaqwa Campus


South Campus

 Discover why the University of the Free State is your best choice 


The UFS cultivates and environment where innovation, inclusivity, and inspiration converge to create future leaders

We care about the well-being of our students and support them holistically

The University of the Free State has outstanding academics, with trailblazing research in various fields of study, garnering international recognition

We create a sense of community and belonging for our students, where every student is more than a number - they are part of a family

We are not just preparing students for a prosperous career; we are preparing you for a life of meaningful impact

Are you a Top Performing Student?


Top Performer Competition 
Star of Stars

This competition is designed to celebrate excellence and reward disadvantaged learners in Grade 12 from Quintile 1 to 3 (non-fee-paying) schools.

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Top Performer Competition 
Matriculant of the year

The prestigious Matriculant of the Year Competition offers top-achieving Grade 12 learners fantastic opportunities, bursaries, and a plethora of prizes. The top 25 students will all receive bursaries.

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Top Performing Students 
Red Box Society
Are you a bright spark?

The Red Box Society is an exclusive society.

You need at least an AP of 40 to qualify for the Student Recruitment Service voucher, valued at R10 000. T&C’s apply.


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Top Performing Students 
Academic Merit Awards
New First-Year Students

You have worked very hard and the UFS values and acknowledges your effort.

Earn academic merit bursaries for AP 35 and above. T&C’s apply.
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Experience the UFS


Forge life-long friendships and memorable moments at Kovsies 


Experience more 
Student Life

We understand that studying at our university is about much more than just your academic experience, but include the life-long friendships and relationships that will be forged with fellow students.

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Student Finances 
Your Finances

Higher education is a financial investment in your future. Being proactive about your financial management will help you to reduce your stress and plan for your future.

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Student Accommodation 
Housing and Residences

We want to be your home away from home. There is a variety of accommodation choices to students on-campus and off campus, catered to their needs.

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Steps to successfully register at the UFS 
Registration Process

You have been succesfully accepted at the UFS. 
What is the next step? 

Registration is the process by which you formally register as a student at the UFS



Upcoming Events 


Grade 9 
Subject-Choice Evening
Are you struggling with subject choices for your child?

Reserve your spot NOW.
Future-proof your choices with faculty experts.

• Bloemfontein Campus 18 July 2024

More info will follow shorty...


Grade 10 and 11 
Open Day
Are you interested in our groundbreaking qualifications?

RSVP today to choose your career path.
Consult our faculty experts with this on-campus event.

• Bloemfontein Campus 20 July 2024
• Qwaqwa Campus 31 August 2024 

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Grade 12 
Prestige event for top-achievers.

Future-proof your choices with faculty experts.

• Bloemfontein Campus 27 July 2024 
• QwaQwa Campus 3 August 2024

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